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NOTE: This devotion has many great scriptures and things to ponder.  May I encourage you to not rush through it.  Take your time…maybe all week…to ask God to reveal things to your heart.

Hopefully as you read those passages some questions come up in your brain:
  • What are idols?
  • Are there some possible “idols” or “small gods” in my life?
  • Are all these things bad?  What makes them go from something good to something that is an idol?
  • I wonder why God makes such a big deal about idols?
Throughout the history of time, human beings have been very prone to make idols out of people, things or even beliefs.  Just turn on any media device today and see the idol worship in the celebrity culture, materialism, political debates and religious factions throughout the world.  And most of the time we are not even hiding it; ever heard of a show called “American Idol”?  I rest my case.

You may think: “I don’t worship or idolize those things like others do.”  That may be true.  However, we have to be able to take an honest look at ANYTHING in our life and determine if it  1) gives false hope  2) takes up inappropriate amounts of time or energy or 3) ends up being fake altogether.

So have you made a “god” out of sports, pornography, relationships, material things or your own pride?  If so…I say YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL!  

If you call yourself a Christian, remember who you say you swear your allegiance too.  Our God is the maker of heaven and earth, the King of kings and Lord of lords.
“For from him and through him and for him are all things.”  
PRAY: God help me to see areas of my life where I have allowed certain gifts, skills or resources that You have given me to creep in and have too much attention and desire in my life over You.  Give me the courage and strength to readjust my habits or even to walk away from it if You tell me to.  In Jesus name! 
Check out these scriptures to see why God is so concerned for you and I to keep “small gods” out of our life.
Here is a great clip from John Piper that challenges our pursuit of small desires (small gods) and encourages us to have deeper and greater longings for God:

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