Missions In Your Mess Up


What is that sin that you keep falling into? In what area of your life do you feel you have blown it so bad that you don’t see how any good can come out of it? Are you feeling hopeless with the depth of your sin or what others sins have done to you?

Take heart….because you are not alone. In fact God holds up one man in particular as “a man after His own heart” but yet he is known as one of the biggest screw-ups of all time too.

READ: Psalm 51:1-17

David commited two horrible sins. Namely sexual sin and murder. But, did you notice what he said? Consider these questions: Who did he say he sinned against? What did he ask God for? What was the attitude of his heart?

Beyond admitting his guilt and beyond a heart of repentance and humility, we see another amazing thing happen. It is interesting that in the midst of David’s horrible sin, there is a spirit of missions. David’s desire was for God to use his “mess up” to help other people to move out of the dark places and sin in their own lives. And because of David’s repentance and humility, he answers David prayer.

So can God use your “mess ups” and a sinner like you and me? You better believe it!

**Below is a link to a great audio clip that is from John Piper. If you are struggling in sexual sin (or any other for that matter), listen to the short clip and let it minister to your heart.**

Why Sex Is Not the Root of Sexual Sins (Episode 396) #askpastorjohn

Working for the Boss of Sin

If we have lived long enough and are honest with ourselves, we know that something is not right with us and the world.  Scripture tells us the problem is sin.     Some people are better at sinning than others, but the outcome of a life of sin is a bad deal.   In fact, check out what the Bible says…

READ: Romans 6:23

The first part of that passage says the the outcome (the wages) of a life filled with sin, is death.  Just like when you work for someone, in return for your labor, they promise you money (a wage) for your services.   The principle of living in sin…or working for sin…is the same:  “the wages of sin is death.“  Yikes!

But there is good news if you are tired of working for the “boss” of sin.

“The wages of sin is death BUT….[and that but is huge!]..the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The good news is that Jesus has come to rescue us from a life of labor for sin.   He comes to offer you and I a gift.   We just have to receive it.

Do you know how to receive it?  If you don’t check this out. But, before you do why don’t you talk to God and thank him for what he has done for you.

PRAY: “God thank you for giving me a way out from a life of being a slave to my sin.  And Jesus I really want to know the gift that you offer and I long to receive it.

Something is Not Right


With all that is good in this world, we also know that there is a lot of bad.   So, if God created us for the purpose of reflecting His glory and joining with Him in His good work, then what happened?   As we look around the world, something has gone terribly wrong.   Check out what the bible says is the problem…

READ: Romans 3:23

What has caused us to “fall short” of what God wants for us?   It is a small word that has huge consequences.   “Sin” can be described as having a “rebellious, anti-God attitude”.  It is more than just doing a bunch of bad things (i.e. sins), it means we have a natural bent toward being selfish or wanting our own way.  It is a “disease of our heart” that needs a cure.

The good news is there is a “cure”!   Do you know what it is?  Post on the link “Ask or share anything”.