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So you say there is nothing wrong with looking at those images.  Well I say…your god is too small! 

Check out why…

  • Why do you think Jesus and the bible speak so strongly against sexual lust?
  • What is lust?
Lust & Pornography
There are many kinds of lust according the bible, for example the lust of money or power. Sexual lust is wanting and using something or someone for own sexual desires without proper permission, position or concern for the person or object.  Lust is selfish.  Love is giving.  Lust tries to suck the life out of something without regard for the life it is sucking.  Pornography is just a visual & sexual version of lust.   It tries to dress itself up as love….but it’s just as bad as a cheap reality show.
Lust tries to suck the life out of something without regard for the life it is sucking.
Deadly “D’s” of Pornography
So what are the real effects of pornography?  Here are a few and what I call the 5 Deadly D’s of Pornography”:
  • Distorts true beauty.  Photoshopped pictures or pictures taken in a particular pose tend to tell our brain that this is reality and what we are ultimately looking for in a mate.  Full and lasting true beauty is more than skin deep.  Don’t buy it?  Then just ask any couple that has been married for more than 40 years and see how they describe beauty.
  • Degrades women (for guys too).  It makes them into just sexual objects.  In social philosophy the term for this is objectification.  For guys, we can actually develop an negative self-perception in terms of physical appearance and sexual functioning.
  • Damages future intimacy.  In a GospelCoalition article,  William M. Struthers, associate professor of psychology at Wheaton College says: “Pornography… enslaves the viewer to an image, hijacking the biological response intended to bond a man to his wife and therefore inevitably loosening that bond.”  God designed sexual intimacy and wants it to be good and exciting.  It is meant to be an adventure of discovery of beauty between a man and woman.  Beware of going on “cheap vacations” of sexual encounters with anyone beside your wife.  God wants you to explore the depths of this gift together…for the first time!
  • Desensitizes our brain.  We are hard-wired to always want something new or have more stimulus. Overstimulation of the brain through the use of porn makes us want to search out more exotic or prolonged sexual stimuli.   Struthers again says because erotic imagery triggers more dopamine than sex with a familiar partner, exposure to pornography leads to ‘arousal addiction’ and teaches the brain to prefer the image and become less satisfied with real-life sexual partners.”  Reality then seems boring in comparison.  YIKES!
  • Drives Decisions.  The psychological, behavioral, and emotional HABITS we develop determine our decisions.  As a “preferred route” is formed in our brain, then our natural tendency is to make decisions based on that “path”.  In other words this is “rewiring” the brain.
  • Defames God’s design.  In Genesis 2:24 God gives his plan for sexual intimacy. And in Matthew 19:4-6  Jesus speaks even of the power of this sexual bond that two people are no longer separate individuals but “one flesh” and declares that nothing should separate or come in the way of it.  If God holds this beautiful thing that He created to be shared with only one other person in such high regard, then why do we go on polluting it by exposing ourself to images that will potentially damage or destroy it?
We have to ask ourself: Do I want to be one of the greatest lovers on the planet? If so, then we must learn to see beauty in deeper ways and fight against the tendency of our sinful flesh to narrow and distort our view of love.

Men, let’s not let pornography cheapen our love.

PRAY:  “God I really need Your help and strength on this.  I want to be a great lover of You and others.  I need You to help me continually get a deeper understanding and vision of your plan for sexual intimacy.   I know you can help me control my fleshly desires that don’t honor You, my future wife or women in general.  Help me to fight for that. In Jesus name. 

For Sources and more on this subject:
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