What is our focus in Champion Builders?

Simple put here are the key components of what we are doing:
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Group spiritual coaching
  • Parent coaching

At first glance these components are anything but new.   What is different is our FOCUS and INTENT.  For our “group coaching” we have two different opportunities for young men that act as a sort of “on ramp” to where they are now in their spiritual journey.

  • Man Talk (Friday’s during campus lunch)
  • Champion Builders Gathering (Thursday nights)
Man Talk
Man Talks are on campus and give the guys an easy way to invite their friends, eat some non cafeteria food, and talk about what it means to be a man that honors God in their context of life.

Champion Builders Gathering
The gathering on Thursday is for those guys who want to grow deeper in their love and commitment to Christ. Most of the guys that are involved in this group are paired up with one of our coaches for one-on-one mentoring as well. Our focus with these guys is an expectation of the following values:

 Our values:
  • Commitment to Jesus FIRST.
  • Expectation of vision and growth
  • Inidividual and group spiritual coaching
  • Prayer is a constant conversation with Jesus
  • Inviting the community of faith into the journey
  • Parents involved in similar growth
 One-on-One Mentoring
For those who choose to be coached one-on-one, we will invite and ask a commitment from our coaches (mentors), young men and parents as well.

Coaches will commit in the following ways:
  • CONNECT with each young men in common interests (at least once per week outside growth gathering time)
  • SHARE Jesus with their life & words.
  • MEET regularly for shared growth (bible study, teaching, or growth gatherings, etc.)
Young men will commit in these ways:
  • COMMIT TO make GROWTH in God their greatest priority
  • MEET/TALK at least once a week with their mentor/coach in shared fun/service, conversations or bible study
  • ENGAGE regularly in PERSONAL exercise, prayer, bible reading and solitude
  • REACH-OUT to others to apply what they are learning and eventually DUPLICATE discipleship
Parents are asked to commit in these ways:
  • ALLOW and AFIRM the decision of their son to keep other priorities in their proper place (Matthew 6:33).
  • CONSIDER being a part of our once a month “Parent Life Club” (Coming soon…) or utilizing our connection to Inspire Life Coaching with Brad Shell for personal family coaching.
With these commitments in place and reliance on God’s Spirit to empower us to carry them out, we expect to see measurable fruit in young men’s lives.

We believe the spiritual climate is ripe for a special expectation for young men to forgo the idols that have slowly crept in their lives and to forge a strong, committed allegiance to the One that can give them what their true heart is seeking.  Namely Jesus Christ.  Because when they have Him, they will learn and model their life from the greatest Champion of all.