A group of young men fully committed to Christ, compelled by His love, confident in wisdom and stature who impact the world around them.
To raise up young men to be Champions for Christ in their sphere of influence

Building Godly Champions out of young men is our goal.

Our main focus here is to not make better athletes or better sons or better students or better future business men or better future spouses/fathers, etc.  Our main goal is to make them great lovers of God and others.   If we can encourage them to pursue this goal first and foremost, then the outcome will be that many of those other things will happen.  For what does scripture say:

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  -Matthew 6:33

Sadly today, there is tremendous pressure for young men to excel in everything else first except for the key area that is God’s highest priority.  We desire to change this trend.
The questions that come up to us who have been working with students over the years are:
  • Why do we allow coaches/directors of our sons team/band to expect (and many times demand!) the most commitment to their program over everything else except for maybe school work?
  • Why do we put more priority on getting good grades and going to a certain college over their spiritual life?
  • Why are we at many times more excited about them finding that right girl to date or who they go to prom with?
  • Why does commitment to Christ and the church body fade in their later years of high school?
  • Why are so many young men coming out of college with little direction or on a career path that is unfulfilling?
  • Why are there so many passive young men in the workplace, home and church?
  • Why are many young men unsure of their salvation or fail to see the Holy Spirit’s fruit and power in their life?
There are many other questions and observations that can be made but the overall understanding is we want to change these trends with young men in our sphere of influence.

We want young men to not just be another winner of a game…we want them to be Champions in life?

To do this we want to help young men to grow in “wisdom and stature” and “in favor with God and man”(their peers).  How?
  • Awaken a God VISION for their life
  • Uncover and help them grow in their GIFTS
  • Show them how to MINISTER in the contexts Jesus has given them (i.e. youth group, band, sports, friends, etc.)
  • Equip their fathers, where feasible, to connect and affirm their sons desire to follow Jesus’ leading.  (And in the case where their biological father is absent or unwilling to affirm this commitment, train other “spiritual fathers/brothers” to help guide them on their journey of growth)
  • Help & encourage mothers to release and bless their sons into this new role as a “man after God’s own heart.”

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