New Believer’s Devotions

Welcome to the Family!

Just so you know, this Family is all about adventure!   The more we learn to love and follow the leader of our lives…Jesus…the more Real Life you and I will experience everyday. (John 10:10)

Below is a series of devotions and scriptures to help you to really understand WHY we need a relationship with Jesus, WHAT has happened in our hearts and HOW we are to live from this point forward.

Be sure to not just skim through these.  Make sure you spend most of your time looking at the scripture by reading…then re-reading…then thinking…then asking (praying to) God to reveal the truth of what you should gain from His words speaking to you.

Lastly, be sure to TALK, SHARE and/or ASK QUESTIONS from what you are experiencing with someone who is encouraging and mentoring you in your faith.   They will want to guide you and be encouraged themselves by your journey of faith!  Also, you can use the “Ask Me Anything” link on the right if you have a question or just want to post what you learned.


Who Are You Following?


Everyone follows someone.   Even if you think that “someone” is only yourself, all of us have admired certain people along the way and either intentionally or unintentionally modeled certain aspects of our life after them.   A wise man eventually evaluates on a daily basis from whom is he is picking his “modeling cues.”

Check out some guys that did that exact thing.

READ:  John 1:35-39

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Why did John the Baptist say “look, the Lamb of God”?
  • Why do you the first thing out of Jesus’ mouth to the two disciples (Andrew & John) was “what do you want?”
  • Why do you think they responded the way they did?   Did that have any deeper meaning beside just wanting to see where Jesus was staying?
  • What do you think it was like to “spend the day with Jesus”?   What are the things you think they “saw” by being with Him?
God thank you that you have done and are doing some big things in my life.  Jesus, I am beginning to see more and more that You are someone that I should follow.   I am excited to learn what you want to reveal who You are as well as who I am!