What Would Jesus Think?


“then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. …In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” – Philippians 2:2,5

This passage talks of following Jesus’ example, to have the same MIND and same LOVE.

You may have heard the saying “What Would Jesus Do?”  Maybe a better question to ask first is “What Would Jesus Think?”   “Doing” is about love.  But what the mind thinks and perceives determines it’s love.   That’s why scripture here says to be “like-minded”.  Our thinking determines our love.

So then, what did Jesus think…and therefore model for us?
➡️ Strength in his identity – He knew he was. He didn’t need to “strut” or “compare” or try to “prove” his greatness. (v.6)
➡️ Humility in his service – In John 13 Jesus models symbolically what he had been doing all along and what he wanted us to think and act like toward those we love and lead. Jesus ultimate humility in service was going to the Cross in our place. (v.7)
➡️ Obedience in his love – Until you and I learn aspects of obedience toward those who God has sent to protect and guide us, we will miss key aspects of life and leadership.  Jesus modeled this kind of faithfulness for us.  He submitted to the plan from the beginning of time even though it was painful. (v.8)
➡️ Exultation by the Father – Because of Jesus’ humility and obedience, God therefore exalted Him with great admiration and love. (v.9-11)

THINK: Ask yourself then: In my modeling of my life…
– Do I find my identity in Jesus…meaning do I know and really believe what God says about me?
– Do I find my mind thinking about what Jesus would think most of the time or what the “world” or my friends think?
– Do I find that I have a heart of a servant and love towards those around me?
– Do I find that I am obedient to those that God has given me to provide and help me grow? Am I obedient to what God says in ALL areas of my life?

PRAY: “Jesus I want to love people better than I do.  Please help me discover more how you thought and lived so that as I seek to live your ways out, you would empower me to walk in my identity as a son of God in great humility and obedience.

What is one small way that you will think and act like Jesus this week? 

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