Does Jesus really care about me or my friends?

Jesus’ personality and spirit captivated people. This was so evident because many not only came to Jesus themself, but some took it further and brought those they love and care about to Him. (v.30,32). One of the awesome things about Him is it doesn’t even matter what you look like or how unpopular you are. Jesus proved He is willing to cleanup any insecurities we see in our body or our heart (v.40).  All we need to do is come to Him with a heart of faith.


➡️ Do you really believe in Jesus enough to bring people to Him?

➡️ Do you believe in Jesus enough to come to Him yourself?

PRAY: Jesus I know you are willing to touch my heart and make me clean and new. I ask you now and receive your words that I am healed. You have made me new, and are continuing to make me newer too. Use me as well to bring others to You.

Something is Not Right


With all that is good in this world, we also know that there is a lot of bad.   So, if God created us for the purpose of reflecting His glory and joining with Him in His good work, then what happened?   As we look around the world, something has gone terribly wrong.   Check out what the bible says is the problem…

READ: Romans 3:23

What has caused us to “fall short” of what God wants for us?   It is a small word that has huge consequences.   “Sin” can be described as having a “rebellious, anti-God attitude”.  It is more than just doing a bunch of bad things (i.e. sins), it means we have a natural bent toward being selfish or wanting our own way.  It is a “disease of our heart” that needs a cure.

The good news is there is a “cure”!   Do you know what it is?  Post on the link “Ask or share anything”.