What is controlling your life?

If you are like me you may think at first, “Nothing!  I’m good.  No worries here.”

Certainly we can look at other people around us and see all the countless ways THEY are controlled by certain habits or people… but not US…right?

I am sure though that if we ask a trusted friend or take a “more than skin deep” examination ourself, we will quickly uncover some areas that have some negative influence over us.  It maybe that area of our life that we would be embarrassed to admit we still struggle to overcome.

Are you controlled by a:
  • Relationship with the opposite sex?
  • Outburst of anger or selfishness?
  • Habit that you know is wrong or not healthy?
  • Friendship or peer group that is steering you down a wrong life path?

If so, the questions is “Do you want to break free from it?”

Just like the man who was controlled by an impure spirit, by faith in the power of Jesus, we can get free from those impure spirits controlling our lives.

If you want to get free, then…
  • Cry out to Jesus (v.23 “the man cried out”). Believe Jesus has the power to overcome what is holding you.
  • Submit to God (James 4:7)  “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
  • Resist the attack– How?

My prayer is that you do this everyday…with bold belief!  Jesus will change you and what controls you.  One last encouragement though:  DON’T FIGHT ALONE!   God made us relational beings for a reason.  Let those who are stronger and who are seeking the same things as you encourage and fight with you.  Let someone you trust know so they can pray for you.

PRAY:  Jesus I need your help right now with ______________.  I’m tired of the control it has had in my life.  I submit and humble myself before you that I can’t take it anymore but I know You can.   I speak against __________ that has been tormenting me.  In Jesus name it is gone from my life.  God by your power I will run from any temptation that is trying to pull me down and I will resist my own fleshly desires that are not honoring to You.   Grant me the faith to know, love, obey and pursue You, Jesus as my greatest treasure!   

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