Working for the Boss of Sin

If we have lived long enough and are honest with ourselves, we know that something is not right with us and the world.  Scripture tells us the problem is sin.     Some people are better at sinning than others, but the outcome of a life of sin is a bad deal.   In fact, check out what the Bible says…

READ: Romans 6:23

The first part of that passage says the the outcome (the wages) of a life filled with sin, is death.  Just like when you work for someone, in return for your labor, they promise you money (a wage) for your services.   The principle of living in sin…or working for sin…is the same:  “the wages of sin is death.“  Yikes!

But there is good news if you are tired of working for the “boss” of sin.

“The wages of sin is death BUT….[and that but is huge!]..the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The good news is that Jesus has come to rescue us from a life of labor for sin.   He comes to offer you and I a gift.   We just have to receive it.

Do you know how to receive it?  If you don’t check this out. But, before you do why don’t you talk to God and thank him for what he has done for you.

PRAY: “God thank you for giving me a way out from a life of being a slave to my sin.  And Jesus I really want to know the gift that you offer and I long to receive it.

Do You Believe AND Receive Christmas?

Most people, generally speaking, like the Christmas season…of course minus the frantic shopping and the overloaded spending and schedules and such.   Despite all that, most people also see it as a season of cheerfulness and giving. Christians see it as such, but even so much more.

Many believe that Christmas signifies the time when the Savior of mankind…Jesus…God in the flesh, became human.   While this is true, it is also true that you can know this fact without it making any true impact in your life.   You may say you believe in it…but have you really RECEIVED it?

READ:  John 1:9-12

Did you see the distinction in the words receiving and believing?  Why do you think that is there?

Imagine a kid at Christmas so excited about a gift he sees under the tree.   He even figures out what it is based on the size of the packaging and by the “shake test”, and he becomes even more excited about knowing he is going to get this gift.   But, how strange would it be on Christmas morning if the kid decides he is not going to open it up and play with it?   He just knew it was offered there to him, but he didn’t receive it.

Just like that kid, we must not only believe….but we must receive the gift.

How will you RECEIVE Christmas this year? (write you response below)

PRAY:  Jesus I pray that you will help me see that you are the Greatest Gift I should receive this Christmas.   Forgive me that for too long I have known You are there for me but I have never received You into my life.   Please show me how to do this.

NOTE:  If you feel like you really want to know how to receive Jesus into your life, please don’t hesitate…but let someone you trust who knows Jesus, help show you how to do that.