What are your plans for this school year?  Is your vision short sighted or does it contain wisdom to see further down the road beyond what a normal high school guy walks right now?  Are your plans all about you or do they have a greater goal that transcends beyond your life?

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”
“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”
“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”
“The LORD knows all human plans; he knows that they are futile.”
“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Take Aways:
  1. God wants us to commit our plans to Him.
  2. He is the decisive factor if they succeed or fall short.
  3. We should seek and pray that our heart and plans line up with God’s purposes.

PRAY: Jesus I need your help.  What do you want for my life today…this week…this year? Lord would you order my steps?  I don’t want to make plans that are not preparing me or leading me to Your purposes for my life. So I ask that you would change my heart and my plans to match and reflect Your heart and plans for me.  I trust and believe you will do this.  Amen.

Going for the Ultimate “W”

READ: Mark 8:31-36

What is an athlete striving for on a field or court? What is his purpose. His goal?

We might say things such as improving character or learning teamwork.  While these are admirable and highly essential in any athletic endeavor, they are not the goal.

The main goal on the court or field is to get a “W”….to get a WIN!

How about you?  What’s your main goal in life?  What’s your purpose?  Have you thought about it?

What does a “W” in life look like?

When Jesus took to the fields, courts and lives of people back in the day, he talked much of living a life of purpose.  Many however thought he was breaking the rules on how to do that.  According to them, he wasn’t playing right.  And nobody likes that kind of guy.

Unless…  Unless the “rules” are wrong or they keep it impossible to see or achieve “the goal”.

You see Jesus was revealing God’s ultimate purpose. His mind was focused on the goal: to lay down his life and ultimately to do it for Gods glory. His MIND was fixed on that. Peter’s mind was only focused on “human concerns.” That’s why Jesus had to help Peter (very strongly!) see that he did not see what the “win” looked like ultimately.

Jesus gives a warning and paints a better “glory” than what the worlds ways have to offer. He said,
What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?
Can you even imagine a greater upset…to forfeit LIFE?!

An athletes goal is to win the game. And this is good.  It’s the goal while on the field.  But what if that is all he is thinking about or pursuing in life?   Or take a young man that spends all his time thinking about getting and trying to be with girls. Could it be that he might miss some other important things God is trying to grow in him?

Jesus tells us that if we live our life for Jesus and for the ultimate purposes He has planned, we will not waste it.  We will save it.  That means that if we put God first in all our interests…school, sports, relationships, work and even family…when all these things are gone we will still be longing for the Ultimate Win with Him.

Let’s be young men who are going for the Ultimate W!

  • Do you have in mind human concerns most of the time or are you focused on what God is concerned about?
  • What have you been trying to “gain” from the world at the risk of “forfeiting” your soul?
PRAY:  Jesus forgive me for focusing all my attention and time on other things more than on You.  I want to focus on what Your most concerned about for my life.  God I want to learn more of what it means to “deny myself, take up my cross, and follow you.”  Help me with that game plan.  I don’t want to loose what is most important in this life and the next.  I know you can empower me to do this!  Amen.

Don’t Waste Your Summer

Are these what your summer plans look like?…

Play games
Work (…maybe!)

If you were like me in high school these might be an accurate list of activities you have planned for the summer.  There is nothing wrong with these of course. In fact they sound like a pretty good base plan.  I say “base plan” because it is the plan that probably most average guys do.

But who wants to be average?  I know I don’t!  And I suspect you don’t either.

So please… don’t be average by wasting your summer!   Do you want to know how not to waste it?  The key is very simple.

Just like if you want to be a better ball player or want to be faster or stronger…you have to have a plan to make it happen.

So let me get real with you.  If you and I want to grow as a strong, confident, humble, Christ-like men, then we have to have a GROWTH PLAN in place to get us there.  Period.

As you look up the scriptures below, ask yourself the “THINK” questions, and after talking with God, write down your growth plan for the summer.  Trust me.  You will give yourself a big mental high five and maybe a “atta boy” when you walk on campus next year.  God will be smiling about you as well.

  • What is an area you think God wants you to grow in this summer?
  • How do you want to feel and think about yourself after the summer is over?  Describe it.
  • What will you do and ask Jesus to help you to accomplish that?

Awesome Growth Plan Ideas!
  • Keep connected in fun and friendship with other guys that will encourage your faith…not tear it down.
  • Plug-in to a weekly small group studying the Bible together.
  • Go to worship weekly at your church.
  • Go to a week long church camp/YL camp/Adventure Trip/etc. that is focused on your spiritual growth.

PRAY:  Jesus I don’t want to waste my summer.   Please give me the wisdom to see the circumstances or people that may pull me away from you. Help me distance myself from them and instead lead me to friends and mentors that will encourage me in growth in You.  Also give me the courage and focus to be disciplined in things that help me learn your Word so I can learn to know You better.  Amen.





Why are you on this planet?

Seriously?  Have you really thought about it?

READ: Ephesians 2:10 and ask yourself the following questions.
What purpose were you created for?   What “good” things might that be?
What does it mean to be “created in Christ Jesus”?
PRAY: God thanks that you call me your “handiwork”.  With all that is on this planet and in the universe above, that means you really think a lot of me.  Thanks that when I believe and live out what Jesus has done for me, I can truly do “good” things.  Please help me to do that today!

Why were you created?

imageThe truth is that you and I…everyone on this planet for that matter…were created for a purpose.

How would you define “glory”?   Have you ever met someone that seemed to really reflect the “glory” of God?
PRAY: God it totally makes sense now why I sense there is something more to the routine that I find myself in.  Thank you that the greatness I desire for my life is from the fact that you are the Great one…..and you made me from out of that greatness!