What is this Man Talk you speak of?

Man Talks are on campus (both lunches) and give guys an easy way to invite friends, eat some non cafeteria food …(YES!), and talk about what it means to be a man that honors God in life. Right now our focus is at Memorial High School.  Our desire is to add other high schools in the Tulsa area in the future as well.

Manly men are encouraged!

If you are a guy that wants to grow more in your relationship with Christ so that you have a greater impact and love for those around you, then your always welcome to go beyond our campus Man Talk time and join us for our Champion Builders Gathering.  The gathering on Thursday night is for those guys who are really serious about growing deeper in their love and commitment to Christ.

More more info on “Man Talk” or “Champion Builders Gatherings”, call/text Todd at 918-633-7284.