Welcome to the Family!

Just so you know, this Family is all about adventure!   The more we learn to love and follow the leader of our lives…Jesus…the more Real Life you and I will experience everyday. (John 10:10)

Below is a series of devotions and scriptures to help you to really understand WHY we need a relationship with Jesus, WHAT has happened in our hearts and HOW we are to live from this point forward.

Be sure to not just skim through these.  Make sure you spend most of your time looking at the scripture by reading…then re-reading…then thinking…then asking (praying to) God to reveal the truth of what you should gain from His words speaking to you.

Lastly, be sure to TALK, SHARE and/or ASK QUESTIONS from what you are experiencing with someone who is encouraging and mentoring you in your faith.   They will want to guide you and be encouraged themselves by your journey of faith!  Also, you can use the “Ask Me Anything” link on the right if you have a question or just want to post what you learned.


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