Something is Not Right


With all that is good in this world, we also know that there is a lot of bad.   So, if God created us for the purpose of reflecting His glory and joining with Him in His good work, then what happened?   As we look around the world, something has gone terribly wrong.   Check out what the bible says is the problem…

READ: Romans 3:23

What has caused us to “fall short” of what God wants for us?   It is a small word that has huge consequences.   “Sin” can be described as having a “rebellious, anti-God attitude”.  It is more than just doing a bunch of bad things (i.e. sins), it means we have a natural bent toward being selfish or wanting our own way.  It is a “disease of our heart” that needs a cure.

The good news is there is a “cure”!   Do you know what it is?  Post on the link “Ask or share anything”.

Why were you created?

imageThe truth is that you and I…everyone on this planet for that matter…were created for a purpose.

How would you define “glory”?   Have you ever met someone that seemed to really reflect the “glory” of God?
PRAY: God it totally makes sense now why I sense there is something more to the routine that I find myself in.  Thank you that the greatness I desire for my life is from the fact that you are the Great one…..and you made me from out of that greatness!