Swoll for Jesus: Moving Beyond a Me-Focused-Faith to “Spiritual Swollness”

When I was in the 11th grade I started working out regularly. To be honest, I began because I was tired of being skinny and I wanted bigger muscles.
For adolescents, this is a normal part of growing up…to be comfortable in your own skin.  So my vision of that was the desire to see more muscle on my body.

As I got older though, I saw a shift in my reasons for working out. The desire to be bigger and stronger and feel more comfortable “in my skin” shifted to the desire to be healthy and functionally strong so that I could do many activities well.

What is the point in telling you this?
For many, their relationship with God is all about “feeling comfortable in your own skin.”  What I mean is that their understanding and excitement about God being in their life is very self-centered.  We can hear of Jesus’ great love for us, how he died for us, how he forgives our sins and how he wants to give us eternal life, however that great and encouraging news can lead us to a very “me-focused-faith” if we are not careful.

All those realities are true and right and should make us feel good about ourself. And honestly most of us need to hear that over and over again because our own struggles and negative self image. But our faith must move forward from that.  As the writer of Hebrews says, we should be moving on to “solid food” (Hebrews 5:13-14).

Our relationship with God must move beyond just being “comfortable in our skin” to “Spiritual Swollness.” Our relationship with God can not stay stagnant.  It must grow.  It must possess new “strength” and “flexibility” in it.

True followers of Jesus are constantly challenged in their faith.  Just look at the disciples when Jesus walked the earth.  Every single one of them was not the same man after three years of being with Jesus.  Truly their faith was at new levels and had new power from Him to do some pretty incredible things.

So have you grown stagnant and too comfortable in your faith?
Or are you growing stronger…more “swoll” in your heart and soul for God and His purposes for your life?

PRAY:  “Jesus I don’t want to live my life in a weak way.  May You help me be disciplined in growing in my faith.  Help me to diligently read Your Word, listen and talk to you, and surround myself with other Christians who are serious about knowing and growing in You more.”

Run After It!

READ: ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:11-12‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Any kind of human relationship requires energy and effort. And our relationship with God is no different. In fact if we were to see the energy and love that God has spent forth on our behalf, it would be terribly lopsided in His favor. Oh my, how he has loved us!

So if it is our desire to reciprocate this love He has shown us, Paul tells us it will take some effort to do this. Look at the ACTION and EFFORT that is required of us:

➡️ FLEE these things- What things do we need to turn away from (repent) that are leading us astray?
➡️ PURSUE godly attributes- Are we putting ourself around people and places where we are going to grow in these areas today?
➡️ FIGHT the good fight of faith- Do you know you are under attack? Your enemy is your sinful nature as well as Satan. Most people don’t know they have been straight up or subversively attacked their whole life. We have to battle against doubt and unbelief which are the enemy’s old but deadly strategies.
➡️ TAKE HOLD of the eternal life- Are we persistent in “grasping” and remembering the good news of the Gospel? If we have have received Christ into our life, we must not forget “every good thing we have in Christ.” Our identity is in Him, about Him, and continually found in Him!

So as for you man of God, will you run after these things today?!