Are these what your summer plans look like?…

Play games
Work (…maybe!)

If you were like me in high school these might be an accurate list of activities you have planned for the summer.  There is nothing wrong with these of course. In fact they sound like a pretty good base plan.  I say “base plan” because it is the plan that probably most average guys do.

But who wants to be average?  I know I don’t!  And I suspect you don’t either.

So please… don’t be average by wasting your summer!   Do you want to know how not to waste it?  The key is very simple.

Just like if you want to be a better ball player or want to be faster or stronger…you have to have a plan to make it happen.

So let me get real with you.  If you and I want to grow as a strong, confident, humble, Christ-like men, then we have to have a GROWTH PLAN in place to get us there.  Period.

As you look up the scriptures below, ask yourself the “THINK” questions, and after talking with God, write down your growth plan for the summer.  Trust me.  You will give yourself a big mental high five and maybe a “atta boy” when you walk on campus next year.  God will be smiling about you as well.

  • What is an area you think God wants you to grow in this summer?
  • How do you want to feel and think about yourself after the summer is over?  Describe it.
  • What will you do and ask Jesus to help you to accomplish that?

Awesome Growth Plan Ideas!
  • Keep connected in fun and friendship with other guys that will encourage your faith…not tear it down.
  • Plug-in to a weekly small group studying the Bible together.
  • Go to worship weekly at your church.
  • Go to a week long church camp/YL camp/Adventure Trip/etc. that is focused on your spiritual growth.

PRAY:  Jesus I don’t want to waste my summer.   Please give me the wisdom to see the circumstances or people that may pull me away from you. Help me distance myself from them and instead lead me to friends and mentors that will encourage me in growth in You.  Also give me the courage and focus to be disciplined in things that help me learn your Word so I can learn to know You better.  Amen.





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