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READ: Luke 5:1-11

Growing up during the summertime my best memories were out at the lake, around our family boat.  My parents would take my brother, sister and I out fishing, skiing, kneeboarding, tubing or anything else we could dream up.  We even asked dad if we could just hang on to the ski rope as he pulled us through the water behind the boat.   Yes I realize at first thought that might sound like torture, but trust me it was a blast for us!

Today I realize this was a privilege and blessing.  Because of that, through the years I have enjoyed sharing that same blessing with many of my high school friends by taking them out on my own ski boat.   Out of the fun and meaningful conversations we have had on the lake, the boat has appropriately taken on the name: “The Jesus Boat.”   We have an understanding that ultimately the boat is Jesus’ boat.  And so we strive to treat each other well and honor Jesus with our words and actions.

Here is the thing…did you realize each of us has a “boat.”  Now the “boat” I’m taking about is not an actual boat…it is your life.  And Jesus wants to show up in a bigger way in it.

And that’s what happened to Simon Peter on the lake that one day.

Jesus wanted to get into Peter’s life.  So Jesus climbed in his boat and asked him to put out a little from shore so he could teach the people better.  Isn’t it great that Jesus utilized a familiar resource that Peter had, to invite him into what God was doing that day?

Jesus allowed Peter to see how God could use something Peter was comfortable with and in turn see a little clearer picture of Himself.   Peter could have not allowed Jesus to use his boat to preach to the crowd on the beach.  In fact, they were busy at their work…washing their fishing nets…and had every right to say, “no, we are busy right now doing our jobs…why don’t you find someone else to help you do the teaching?”  But, Peter allowed Jesus to get in his boat and to put out a little from the shore.

  • Is Jesus using your “boat”…something your comfortable with (i.e. a talent, skill or resource) in some way?
  • Have you allowed Him to do it or have you pushed Him away?
  • If so, what did you learn about yourself or God in the process?
PRAY:  Jesus, following You is something my heart wants to do.  But you know at times I have a difficult time figuring out how to do that.  So today God, help me identify one simple resource, gift or skill that I have that I can let You use for Your purposes today…in Jesus name!

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