Fighting 301: The Weapons

So you say your ready to fight?  Well do you know the weapons and armor God has given you?  Check it out below.

READ: Ephesians 6:13-18

What are our tools/weapons?
➡️ Belt of truth– This means holding truth of Gods ways and not following moral relativism.
➡️ Breastplate of righteousness– Questions to ask ourself are: Is our life one of moral integrity and confidence in our right standing with God? Do we have these basic things in our life so when are faith (shield) waivers we don’t get taken out? Also, 1 Peter 3:16 says that if we should suffer for righteousness, others will be put to shame.
➡️ Shoes of the Gospel– Have you just got those nice “shoes” in the closet and you are just sitting on the couch not really prepared? Are you excited and ready to use them? In other words, do you really understand the Gospel and how awesome, soul saving and life changing it is?!
➡️ Shield of Faith– This keeps DOUBT and UNBELIEF off of you.
➡️ Helmet of Salvation– Do you really know in your heart and mind you are saved?  (By the way…you CAN know for sure!  If you don’t know, ask somebody who you know really has a relationship with God.)
➡️ Sword of the Spirit– Do you have the word of God at hand ready to defend AND attack back with what God says! PRAY (call on God) at ALL TIMES by praying in the Spirit (praying the Word)

And most important of all….

Do this all and KEEP ALERT with all PERSERVANCE!

PRAY:  Jesus help me to use what you have given me to fight against my own sin and any subtle attacks against my soul.  I want to live for You.  So help me to stand in confidence that You have already given me everything I need to glorify You and make an impact for eternity!

Fighting 201: How to Fight!


In “Fighting 101″ we talked about how we are called to “fight the good fight of faith”.   So if we are in a fight and we know the enemy, called the devil, does not play fair, then how are we to fight?  What’s the strategy?

READ: Ephesians 6:10-13

The first thing to realize is that we are called to be strong IN THE LORD (v.10).  It is God’s power and strength we are asking for and relying on.   Beware of trying to fight or stand for God in anything without seeking Him first.

The next thing is through His strength, power and wisdom, you and I have “His armor” to battle with and protect ourselves (v.11).  You see God has been fighting Satan a long time.  But the good news is that the decisive battle has already been won!  Picture it as though God has defeated Satan and chained him up on a long leash.   Satan’s ultimate demise is soon.  In the meantime, Satan is grasping out to anyone he can get his hands on and pull them down with him.   So, God does not leave us without a defense strategy and some tools that help us fight back.   You can read verses 14-18 to discover these (the next post, “Fighting 301″ will look at these in detail).

The biggest encouragement here in our fight is in verse 13:

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.” -Ephesians 6:13

In other words don’t give up!  Persevere!  Keep STANDING!  To withstand means to stand up against, to resist successfully, to be proof against or to oppose with firm determination.   In other words, it is a confidence to know that after we have done everything we know to do…and even if we get knocked down…we can still get up and stand in faith that God has got our back.

Isn’t that great news to realize that we are not “standing” alone!  We are “withstanding”.  We are standing WITH God!


PRAY:  God thank you that you offer so much to me on a daily basis.  I know at times I have tried to fight and do things on my own without even considering You.  I know You are actually behind all my gifts and abilities.   There are numerous natural gifts you have given me, but may you by the power of Your Spirit give me more confidence, endurance and understanding of how You want to work through me to make those more impactful for You.

Fighting 101


Did you know it is a good thing to fight?

I told that to a 10 year old boy recently with his mother standing right next to us. Her face immediately winced at me slightly as if I might be molding him for a future in street brawls or at best, a power career in WWF! Of course I quickly continued my point and explained that it was actually a God given attribute (especially prevalent in males) but that many guys use it in selfish and less than God honoring ways.

In 1 Timothy 6:12 we are told to “fight the good fight of faith.” But what we must understand is that our “good” fight is not at its root going to be against someone else. Sure someone may come at you with physical force or slandering words and at times we must defend ourselves. You see at the “root” of that person attacking you is a spirit. And it is not from God. It is from the enemy. Check out the texts below to see who it really is!

READ: Ephesians 6:12 

The first strategy of Satan is to try to knock out our power source to God which is our faith in Jesus. He does this by hurling attacks though fear, distractions and doubt. So how do we fight against this? How do we make it a “good” fight and not get taken out early in the first round?

Check it out here! Before you do…why don’t you talk to Him.

PRAY: God forgive me if I have ever fought a fight that was selfishly motivated or not honoring to You. Help me to remember that their are forces and spirits that influence others. Help me to recognize this when people or things come against me and may I respond in great faith that is provided by the power of your Holy Spirit in me.