Fighting 101


Did you know it is a good thing to fight?

I told that to a 10 year old boy recently with his mother standing right next to us. Her face immediately winced at me slightly as if I might be molding him for a future in street brawls or at best, a power career in WWF! Of course I quickly continued my point and explained that it was actually a God given attribute (especially prevalent in males) but that many guys use it in selfish and less than God honoring ways.

In 1 Timothy 6:12 we are told to “fight the good fight of faith.” But what we must understand is that our “good” fight is not at its root going to be against someone else. Sure someone may come at you with physical force or slandering words and at times we must defend ourselves. You see at the “root” of that person attacking you is a spirit. And it is not from God. It is from the enemy. Check out the texts below to see who it really is!

READ: Ephesians 6:12 

The first strategy of Satan is to try to knock out our power source to God which is our faith in Jesus. He does this by hurling attacks though fear, distractions and doubt. So how do we fight against this? How do we make it a “good” fight and not get taken out early in the first round?

Check it out here! Before you do…why don’t you talk to Him.

PRAY: God forgive me if I have ever fought a fight that was selfishly motivated or not honoring to You. Help me to remember that their are forces and spirits that influence others. Help me to recognize this when people or things come against me and may I respond in great faith that is provided by the power of your Holy Spirit in me.

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