Fathers. We have seen good and we have seen bad.

Society is hungry for strong fathers; men who selflessly lay down their lives for the sake of their wives and children; men who forsake self-interest to support their families and their neighbors; men who encourage and discipline; men who laugh and cry; men who know that, to do these things well, Jesus must be their ultimate treasure.  -Humble Beast Records

Some of us can celebrate those men who have poured in our lives and modeled well positive attributes of a true loving father.  Others either cringe at the thought or mourn the failings of the first male in our life.  Even then, most of us probably land our sentiments somewhere in between.

So if you are a young man reading this, may you either be encouraged by this video and be sure to thank your own dad or pray to God to help equip you to be the kind of man portrayed in it.

Whether you like rap or not, I believe you will love this video!

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