Jesus Likes Your Party

Did you know Jesus cares about what you care about?   And when asked to help, He will, as long as it ultimately gives Him glory.

READ:  John 2: 1-11

Did you see it?

  • Jesus loves to be around people.
  • He likes to have fun and to celebrate.
  • He cares about what you are dealing with even though His plans have a greater and more ultimate purpose.

You maybe thinking, “but why did he say: ‘Woman, why do you involve me?  My hour has not yet come.”?     In that culture, to run out of wine at a wedding was a big taboo.  You see Jesus was foreshadowing how his death and own blood would be like the wine he made to “save the day” at the party.  His blood would be a sign of the new promise of a way for all of us to be made right with God.  He wants to “save the day” for you and me!

That’s a real reason to party!

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