Who Are You Following?



Everyone follows someone. Even if you think that “someone” is only yourself, all of us have admired certain people along the way and either intentionally or unintentionally modeled certain aspects of our life after them. A wise man eventually evaluates on a daily basis from whom is he is…

More thoughts…

When John the Baptist called out “look, the Lamb of God”, that was a bold and world altering statement.   You see if you grew up in that culture you would know that the Jewish people throughout history where hoping for God to do something big.   And before God did this, He told to them to perform a ritual that would cover over their sins and help them remember what God was going to do.   This ritual consisted of finding a perfect unblemished lamb and sacrificing it.   They had to do this over and over again for the sins they committed.   Imagine if you and I personally had to do that for the wrong we have done; that would be a lot of lambs!  So, it was a big deal that John declared Jesus as the Lamb of God because that meant that God was bringing a Lamb instead of them bring a lamb to be sacrificed.   It was no longer what they were doing, but what God was doing!  That’s a big deal!
Our motives in anything are important.   So, when Jesus asks what Andrew and John wanted, He wanted to see what they would vocalize as their motive for following Him.   Their response showed that they wanted to be with Jesus.   They wanted something different for their life.   And they sensed that Jesus could be the answer for that.
Do you believe Jesus is worthy enough to follow?  If not…why not?  If so…are you?

Who Are You Following?

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